How to book my next hair dresser appointment in Berlin?

Due to the current Covid-19, we highly recommend booking your haircut in advance, to avoid potential transmissions. Please respect the precautionary measures to be safe and make others feel safe in our space. 

We welcome you with or without bookings!

Customers with a booking and on time have the priority.

If you are the organized type, with a schedule and no patience then book your next hairdresser appointment here! 

If you are not like that and you would rather show up without appointment and see how it goes, it also works. Spontaneity is great!

Get a fresh haircut now at UrbanSparkz in Berlin

A regular haircut takes 15 to 20 minutes, and if you are lucky you may find no queue, priority goes for people with a booking of course.

If you are the first type of human being then simply fill in the required information and reserve your spot. 

We are looking forward seeing you at UrbanSparkz!

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