About us

UrbanSparkz is an afro hair dresser salon in Berlin, the first part of the boutique is a clothing shop and in the second part the barber shop.

Getting an haircut is an institution, it is a moment of sharing with a person you trust enough to let his hands crawl over your head. Don’t let your head become a bush before cutting it, self care goes with self love.

UrbanSparkz is your location in Neukoln to get a fresh haircut. We have been catering to your style for quite few years now and it’s always with the same pleasure that we welcome you.

Steve, the founder and the owner of UrbanSparkz along with his team will make sure not to f*** your hairline, for once you can sit back and relax.

This time your friends, family and even haters won’t have to say a word about your haircut. Simply because UrbanSparkz will make you flawless.

So pay us a visit and get your dating apps ready, cause it’s gonna rain!