Urban Sparkz : how it all started 

Urban Sparkz opened in 2004 firstly as a street fashion clothing store, importing merchandise from USA. Cutting hair was not my first activity, but out of necessity and because I knew how to cut hair I started to help my friends and relative for free.
Soon enough, the word had spread in Berlin, more and more people were asking my services as hair dresser.
At that time I did not intended to become a barber, but sometimes you have to be able to seize the blessings in the opportunities presented to you. So I did a training as a hair dresser and after I received my diploma, I was finally able to make a living out of a passion and offer a much needed service.
It is only in 2006 that the barber shop opened to the public, catering to our needs and offering a social place within the black diaspora community in Berlin.

My afro-salon : a place for gathering and sharing

The activity quickly took off and I was surprised by the amount of support and love I was receiving from my clients. Today, most of them are more than clients, they are in a way my family. Faces that I have been seeing for more than 10 years can not remain strangers.
Cutting hair is not only about the service that I provide, in my opinion it is a moment that should be pleasant and healing. A moment where we re-connect with our roots, our heritage but also just a place where you feel like you belong, a safe place to fully be yourself or just to have a good conversation.

My journey as a hair dresser

I started cutting hair around the age of 12 or 13 mostly because at that time in Germany it was really hard even impossible to find an Afro Barber Shop. It was a real struggle to find someone who were able to cut our textured hair properly.

A good haircut, always makes you feel good!

When you were able to find someone to properly cut your hair, the queue was endless! Tired by this lack of services catering to our special needs as blacks , I decided to take the razors and help my brothers and sisters to present themselves the best way possible. Because representation and how we are perceived do matter in this post-colonial society we are living in.
Already at that age, I understood how important it was and still is. I was cutting my friends and relatives not because I had to, but because it became my biggest passion in life. To me, being a barber is a form of art, just like any other artwork displayed in a museum, the only difference is that my artwork is living on somebody’s head and it is displayed to a larger public.

Making my customers happy and to see them coming back again, truly makes me happy and proud. 

Getting a haircut is an institution, it is a moment of sharing with a person you trust enough to let his hands crawl over your head. Don’t let your head become a bush before cutting it, self care goes with self love.

Located in the popular area of Neuköln, it’s easy to get a fresh haircut from UrbanSparkz. We have been catering to your style for quite few years now and it’s always with the same pleasure that we welcome you in our shop with an appointment or without if you are not in the hurry.

Steve, the founder and the owner of UrbanSparkz along with his team will make sure not to f*** your hairline, for once you can sit back and relax.

This time your friends, family and even haters won’t have to say a word about your haircut. Simply because UrbanSparkz will make you flawless.

So pay us a visit and get your dating apps ready, cause it’s gonna rain!

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